Magnum’s owner, Dave Cross, will be speaking at the UKUUG Spring 2008 Conference in Birmingham on the 31st March. Dave will be giving a full day tutorial based on the Perl teach-in. Ticket prices vary depending on what type of ticket you need and how much of the conference and tutorials you want to see. Booking is already open.

In conjunction with the London Perl Mongers and BBC Backstage, Magnum Solutions ran a Perl Teach-In day at BBC offices in London on June 2nd 2007. Magnum owner Dave Cross presented the training which was aimed at intermediate Perl programmers and was free. About fifty people attended the day which sold out in less than 48 hours. Update: The slides from the course are now online.

Magnum Solutions have a new three hour tutorial available. The class, entitled Advanced Databases for Beginners was first trialed at YAPC::Europe 2006 where it was very successful. The class introduces “advanced” databases concepts like referential integrity, normalisation and views to people who may not already be aware of these features. The slides are online, but please contact us if you are interested in us presenting the tutorial to your company.

Magnum’s owner Dave Cross gave a talk on “Enterprise Perl” at the LinuxWorld Expo in London on October 6th 2005. The talk explained why Perl is a good choice for building Enterprise applications and attempted to address some of the FUD that says otherwise. The slides of the talk are online.