I’ve just got confirmation that I’ll be running another three days of public Perl training courses in central London in November. The courses will be: 24th Nov – Beginners Perl 25th Nov – Intermediate Perl 26th Nov – Advanced Perl More details (like what they will cost and how you can book) will be on my public training page in the next few days.

It was August 2000 when I first gave a public talk about Perl. In the intervening years I’ve given a lot of talks at a lot of conferences and meetings. Until now, the slides from those talks were all available at a number of different web sites. But I’ve started to make an effort to aggregate them all in one place. There is now a talks page on this site which will (eventually) contain slides from all of the talks that I can trace. Some of the talks (particularly the earlier ones) were created using some rather baroque home-grown software – so you might need to bear with me a …

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Dave Cross is speaking at the London Perl Mongers technical meeting on April 16th. His talk is entitled “Why do so many companies re-invent well-known CPAN modules badly and end up writing far too much code?” The meeting is free but you need to sign up in advance at http://londonpmtech.appspot.com/. This is not an April Fools Day joke. Update: I’m sorry about this, but due to circumstances beyond my control I won’t be at this meeting after all. I’ll try to reschedule for later in the year.

Those nice people at O’Reilly have created nice flyer advertising the training courses that we are running in central London next month. It’s perfect for printing out and leaving on your boss’s desk if you need something to persuade him to pay for you to attend one of the courses. You can download the flyer from here.

In conjunction with O’Reilly and UKUUG, Magnum Solutions will be presenting two days or Perl training in central London in February 2009. The two days will be separate courses with a beginners course on Wednesday 24th February and a more advanced course on Thursday 25th February. Each day is £295 (plus VAT) and UKUUG members get a reduction to £195 (plus VAT). For full details of the courses and to make a booking, see the UKUUG web site.

We have redesigned our web site for the New Year. We now use Movable Type Pro with the Professional Website template set. Not only does the site look much better, but we’ll also find it easier to keep it up to date and to let you know what’s going on in the world of Magnum Solutions. As we have moved a few pages around, there will, no doubt, be the occasional gremlin or two. Please bear with us as we fix them. If you have any problems with the site then please let us know by emailing webmaster@mag-sol.com. One particularly useful change is the addition of a web feed. This …

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The London Perl Workshop will be taking place on November 29th this year. Magnum Solutions will, once again, be sponsoring the event by giving a free training course. This years course will be “An Introduction to Web Programming with Perl” and will be presented by Dave Cross. More details will follow in a few days.

Over at the O’Reilly ONLamp blog, Dave Cross has written an article called Why Corporates Hate Perl. It discusses why Perl has a bad reputation amongst so many large corporations and suggests that in many cases, Perl is being blamed for shortcomings in a company’s past development strategies.

The organisers of YAPC::Europe have announced three days of tutorials before and after the conference. These tutorials include Dave Cross presenting the Perl Teach-In on Tuesday 12th August. Each tutorial costs 900 DKK (about £95) and they can be booked when buying a ticket for the main conference.

Dave Cross will be speaking at YAPC::Europe in Copenhagen in August 2008. He will be giving three talks: Proud to Use Perl, Perl in RPM-Land and Ye Compleat History of Ye Perle Mongers of Olde London Towne (Part 1). Currently all three talks are scheduled to take place on Friday August 15th.